Tuesday, April 23, 2013


T is for Truth



1. Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. The truth of history constitutes its whole value. We rely on the truth of the scriptural prophecies.
My mouth shall speak truth. Prov.8.
Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth. John. 17.
2. True state of facts or things. The duty of a court of justice is to discover the truth. Witnesses are sworn to declare the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
3. Conformity of words to thoughts, which is called moral truth.
Shall truth fail to keep her word?
4. Veracity; purity from falsehood; practice of speaking truth; habitual disposition to speak truth; as when we say, a man is a man of truth.
5. Correct opinion.
6. Fidelity; constancy.
The thoughts of past pleasure and truth.
7. Honesty; virtue.
It must appear
That malice bears down truth.
8. Exactness; conformity to rule.
Plows, to go true, depend much on the truth of the iron work. [Not in use.]
9. Real fact of just principle; real state of things. There are innumerable truths with which we are not acquainted.
10. Sincerity.
God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. John 4.
 11. The truth of God, is his veracity and faithfulness. Psalm 71.
Or his revealed will.  I have walked in thy truth. Ps.26. 
12. Jesus Christ is called the truth. John 14.
13. It is sometimes used by way of concession. She said, truth, Lord; yet the dogs eat of the crumbs-- Matt 15.
That is, it is a truth; what you have said, I admit to be true.In truth, in reality; in fact.
Of a truth, in reality; certainly.To do truth, is to practice what God commands. John 3.


The definition of truth posted today is taken straight out of Webster's Dictionary (1828). Back in those days scripture was an everyday part of life for the majority of people. Unfortunately, today we don't have such liberty. With so much dysfunction, deception, and immoral activity going on it is hard to even decipher truth. Life's reality can be seen clearly in the pages of the Bible. Every word is God-breathed and can be trusted. 2Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. 

There is a Fountain performed by Selah



Anonymous said...

My mother always instilled in me about being truthful and though I have many faults telling lies is not one of them. I hope my offsprings realises the importance of truthfulness.
Enjoyed your write and song.

Healing Wounded Hearts said...

Yvonne, Telling the truth sure saves a bunch of troubles down the road! The truth always comes out sometime. Thanks for your comments.

Maria Dunn said...

Amen Beverly. I prayed awhile on the word I would use for T and wanted to use truth because it is so deeply important to me as the foundation of Christian faith. But that door did not open to me. I wanted so badly to write on truth that I drew a blank up until the last minute, though I had a plethora of T words I had brainstormed. Then it became clear to me that there was something else for me to address. Yet among all the many places I could have stopped, He led me here. So glad to see truth expounded so clearly and truthfully. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living