Monday, April 1, 2013


 A-Z Challenge  

Today I begin the A-Z Challenge. What is the A-Z challenge you might ask? Well, for the month of April everyday except Sundays I will blog on the theme "The Names and Attributes of God" using the alphabet. This is my first year so I hope to make alot of new friends! Check out this link for more information.

Adonai is the verbal parallel to Yahweh and Jehovah. 

Adonai (plural form composed of Adon + "ai" = my) literally = "my Lords", usually translated "my Lord" or "Lord" (capital "L" followed by small letters. Contrast Jehovah which is rendered in all caps [LORD] in NAS, ESV, KJV). 
The plural form Adonai is said to be a plural of majesty like Elohim (although some say the plural form of both of these names of God points to the truth of the Trinity in the OT).

The Bible tells us in Collossians 1:15  Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation. He came with a specific purpose to serve mankind and give Himself as a ransome for many.  (Matt. 20:28)

What is God Like?

Through the month of April, I will attempt to introduce you to the God of the Bible giving you an explanation of His character as revealed in the Bible. Considering the fact that Christians make God the Lord of their lives it might be a good idea to know who you give your allegiance to. During this month my hope is that you will discover just how wonderful and to be feared God really is. Along with an explanation as given above, I will share how each name or attribute has effected my life personally. 


I have been a Christian for a good many years and I still haven't even scratched the surface to knowing God as He deserves. For the last 5 years I have studied the attributes of God and WOW what an awesome ride that has been!
In regards to this particular Name of God, ADONAI... I am finding greater pleasure and a deeper respect of what it means to call Him Lord. Not just lip service but in action and deed. Sort of like when you meet a new friend and your love for them grows and grows the more you get to know them. Same thing only GREATER because it's not just a friend it is GOD!
Psalm 135:5  For I know that the Lord is great, And that our Lord is above all gods.


Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Interesting theme for your posts.

I wish you Luck with the A to Z challenge.
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Anonymous said...

Most enjoyable to read.,


Anonymous said...

Hey, just stopped in from the A-Z Blogging challenge. I so enjoyed your Biblical perspective!

Aubrey said...

I love this. For my "A" of the day, I used "Abba."
I was reading "Doctrine" today by Mark Driscoll. (It's fascinating, by the way.) And something that I read was that, Yahweh, was the most sacred and personal name for God. Misuse of "Yahweh" would result in death. Resulting in such reverence of the name that the ancient people barely ever used it--later replacing it with "Edonai" or Adonai. The ancient Hebrew Bible only used consonants, making Yahweh--YHWH. Later the rabbis put dots and dashes around the consonants so the vowels would be seen. And they combined YHWH with the vowels of Edonai- transliterating into JeHoWaH.
I just found it extremely interesting. Thanks for your post!

Jen Chandler said...

Great introduction to the challenge AND the attributes of God. I'm going to enjoy reading this!

So glad you enjoyed to join us!

Jen :)

Alana said...

You have a wonderful start to your blog! I am quite impressed to see that it is brand new. Have you been blogging before, but at a different site? The quality and organization of your writing and posts is excellent, particularly for a new blog.

Keep up the great work! I'll be back for another visit later on in the month. :)

~Alana @
Cheering you on from A through Z!